Students Through Art Resources (STAR)

What is STAR?
Students through Arts Resources (STAR) is an arts education teacher professional development (PD) programs led by Envision Community Services (ECS) in collaboration with Opportunities for All (OfA) and numerous partners, including the University of Chicago Logan Center for the Arts, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and Lookingglass Theatre Company.
How long does STAR last and where does funding come from?
STAR is a 4-5 year project funded by the Department of Education's Assistance for Arts Education Development and Dissemination Grant Program (AAEDD).
What Schools are a part of STAR?
Currently, the project includes the following elementary schools: George Washington Elementary School, John L. Marsh Elementary School, Sayre Elementary Language Academy, and Lionel Hampton Fine and Performing Arts School. These schools are located in the Ashburn/Marquette Park, Stony Island, South East Side of chicago and the North Austin communities.
What are the goals for STAR?
  • Creating a system and culture of collaboration among grant partners
  • Increase teachers' knowledge and instruction of professional arts education content and arts integration skills
  • Increase students' performance in the arts, reading and mathematics through project PD, educational activities, and resources
  • Documenting and replicating the project's instructional strategies
What types of PD do teachers receive?
STAR participants receive PD from across the arts disciplines: visual arts, drama/theater, music, dance and theater, and technology/media arts. Sessions are mixed, with some directly focused on arts discipline, for example, textile arts and printmaking. Others will be integration-focused that will merge an academic content area with an arts discipline.
What opportunities for growth exist for the STAR PD program?
Currently, there has been an increasing need for integrating technology into arts education. Specifically, utilizing modern creative devices like iPads and Apple Pencils have been requested by our teachers that participate in our program. Utilizing this technology and training teachers in using these devices allows for a positive and impactful learning experience for the students we collectively serve.

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