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Education / Academic Enrichment 

We encourage academic achievement as well as social and emotional development among children, youth and families to foster success in life. Here are a few of our initiatives to empower the community through education.




The Teen Reach program focuses on serving at-risk youth ages 11-14 who meet the criteria of low-income, at risk of truancy, experiencing academic or behavioral issues, and bullying. The seven core service areas include increasing academic performance, life skills education, parental involvement, positive adult mentors, sports/ recreational activities, service learning, and STEM curriculum.

Parent Mentoring Program (PMP)

Envision Community Services will work through the Parent Engagement Institute (Southwest Organizing Project and the Logan Square Neighborhood Association) to administer the Parent Mentor Program (PMP). The (PMP) program consist of parent volunteers who will assist teachers in their classrooms at Kenzie Elementary in Garfield Ridge, providing teachers and students alike with much-needed support. The PMP program will also provide professional development of parents who have limited work experience or employable skills, have goals to re-enter the workforce, or want to become more civically engaged and involved in their communities


PMP 2023

GED Opportunities

 coming soon in 2024!

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