On behalf of Envision Community Services (ECS), would like to proudly announce its partnership with Hurley Elementary School in the execution of Teen REACH, an after-school program funded by the Illinois Department of Human Services. Teen REACH focuses on serving at-hope youth ages 11-14 who meet the criteria of being low-income, at risk of truancy, those experiencing academic or behavior issues/bullying, or experiencing other academic/non-academic challenges.

Teen REACH will provide a be a year-round program, with hours of operation Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 6 PM, and a total of 240 days of programming. The seven core service areas include increasing academic performance, life skills education, parental involvement, positive adult mentors, sports/recreational/cultural activities, service-learning activities, and a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) curriculum (a new addition to the program).

The proposed outcomes of Teen REACH are to increased academic performance among students, increased parental involvement, increased opportunities for artistic and cultural immersion, as well as providing opportunities for positive youth engagement.

Teen REACH will also provide a supportive environment for young people in which they will become educated on the dangers of risky behaviors and be supported to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Envision thrives in establishing a successful partnership with Hurley Elementary in securing positive outcomes for at-hope youth within the West Lawn community. We are excited to announce this expanding partnership and look forward to all that will be achieved.


Roberto Montejano, Sr. 
Envision Community Services 

Public Service Announcement
Envision Community Services and Hurley Elementary School

Our Mission
To improve the quality of life by empowering community members to become self-sufficient through workforce development, education initiatives, wellness and leadership expansion services.

To create a safe environment where participants become empowered and positively engaged through a holistic service approach while incorporating partnerships to attain the ultimate goals of leadership, education, and employment.
Envision Community Services aspires to instill hope, empower lives, and contribute time, resources, and zeal to assist community members in accomplishing success while achieving milestones through respect, dignity, and a sense of purpose to excel in today’s society.

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 Anthony, 13 


 Lina, 17 

 Miguel, 15 

Coming to Envision after school gives me a place to study and spend time with other youth who are becoming more active in their community. We don't just talk or plan things; we actually do things that matter and feel good ”

Being a part of Envision has allowed me to express my feelings about my community and what are some changes that must be made to improve it. ”

 Envision Community services has allowed me to open up to other youth in the community and become a better person in life. Being a part of projects like coat drive, Christmas Toy Drive and food drives gives me a purpose to make a difference in the community 

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