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Workforce Supervisor

JOB DESCRIPTION: An admin assistant can be seen as the face of an organization and is someone who provides high-level administrative support to managers in the organization. Like secretaries or personal assistants, they conduct clerical work. However, admin assistants may have additional responsibilities and higher levels of tasks. Admin assistant must be highly organized and be able to prioritize work, have good interpersonal and communication skills, and possess managerial abilities.

Program Manager

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the design, research and implementation of all programs at ECS, managing and delegating to a team of subordinates, working directly with the Program Director to coordinate and plan services, supports grant funding and fundraising initiatives. Daily oversees program initiatives and conducts site-visits for all programs. Supports Business department with maintaining audit ready financial reports. Areas of responsibility also include contract compliance, community relations, and marketing.

Save Our Streets (SOS) Accountability Mentor (Gang interventions) Street outreach in Brighton Park Community

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JOB DESCRIPTION:​Accountability Mentor will work closely with community members who have a high probability of being a victim or perpetrator of violence. The Accountability Mentor will be trained to refer participants to mental health services, social services, and workforce development. They will also serve as a mentor and offer such activities as field trips and late-night sports.