YOLO Project 

You Only Live Once (YOLO) is the youth community needs assessment being conducted by Envisions Youth Action Council.

Through collaborative efforts with other youth groups and stakeholders from targeted communities (Brighton Park, Chicago West Lawn, Clearing, Garfield Ridge, Archer Heights).


They will address key issues, collect responses and thoughts in order to give voice to 500 youths.

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Out of the Results of the Needs Assessment, Envision Community Services is Working Towards these Initiatives;

Leadership & Community Engagement

  • Positive youth/human development, Community organizing/Youth Needs Assessment

  • Court advocacy, Youth Action Council (YAC), and service-learning projects.

  • Community Anti-Violence Programs; Gang Awareness, Violence Prevention, Street Outreach, Crisis Intervention, Anti-Bullying, and Ex-offender Reintegration Services and Gang Tours.

  • Guidance & Counseling services, emotional & social wellness through life skills workshops, and ​Peace Circle facilitation in the Philosophy of the Balance of Restorative Justice.


  • GED preparation, Basic skills tutoring, Computer training, After School Enrichment, Drop-out Prevention, and High School Recovery programs and Post-Secondary Education Assistance.   

  • Self-identity development & case management



Workforce Services

  • Career Readiness Training (CRT), Career Exploration, Job Shadowing/Internships, On the Job Training, Summer Jobs, Career Clubs, Employment Assistance, and Follow-up/Supportive Services.

  • Reintegration services and employer, employee support assistance & case management.