Health & Wellness

We encourage supportive, caring counseling for individuals and families in any phase of life to better handle life’s challenges. Here are a few of our initiatives to empower the community through Health & Wellness

CDPH Health Chicago Equity Zones

Envision Community Services has recently launched the CDPH-funded Healthy Chicago Equity Zones initiative. The concept of Healthy Chicago Equity Zones is to confront the health disparities that impact the life expectancy of communities of color, including diabetes, HIV/AIDS, gun violence, mental health, heart disease, etc., addressing these issues on a "hyper-local" level. Overall, the objective of the program is to address the social, environmental, and health disparities that impact communities of color, with the intent to advocate for health equity


Covid-19 Community Response Workers  (CCRW)

Envision Community Services has collaborated with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (“the partnership”), Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI), Malcolm X College, NORC at the University of Chicago, and UIC School of Public Health within the city’s contact tracing/community health worker programs. ECS’ public health staff has worked to execute community outreach plans, educate the public on all matters related to COVID-19, organize vaccine pop-up events, and overall, has fought to ensure that vital COVID-19 resources and information reach the underserved populations across the southwest side.

Community Health Workers (Promotores de Salud)

CHWs help to improve quality of life to their community, offering different types of services to promote healthier choices/ an overall healthier lifestyle. The CHWS is the evolution and the continuance of the Contact Tracing program implemented to address the Current COVID-19 needs of the community. The purpose of this initiative is to enable CHWs to affect positive change in their communities through COVID-19 outreach education.


UI Health 55th & Pulaski Health Collaborative

A part of the TARGET Health Collaborative Partnership — which brings together seven community partners, including ECS, is committed to transforming the health of these neighborhoods by expanding care services, improving patient outcomes, and reducing health disparities. By increasing access to specialty care, care coordination, urgent care, behavioral health, dental care, women's health, and advanced diagnostics, the Health Collaborative supports patients in getting the care they need, while providing health education assisting with financial and social needs to ensure adequate support through the care journey.


ILLInet Recover

RECOVER is a national research initiative from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The federal government recognizes the impact of COVID and has asked for an official set of rules to be created to evaluate the long-term symptoms people are reporting. The RECOVER study is designed to help ILLnet RECOVER's medical team understand why some people continue to feel sick after having COVID-19 and others don’t. It will also help identify what can be done to speed recovery and even prevent it.